Name: Charles Arkour
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Appearance: An anorexic shut-in with a back problem, Charles stands at about 172cm (~5'7"), though if he actually bothered to sit up straight, would be closer to roughly 183cm (~6'). The man's eating disorder puts his weight at an incredibly low 50kg (~110lbs). Thus, his severely pale, thin body is often seen clad in far-too-loose casual clothing, though to say that he is often seen would also be a misnomer. Dirt cakes up his gaunt face with pimples and the like, and his brown hair, both facial and otherwise, are mostly dry and wiry, due to his malnutrition and general lack of self-care.

Personality: Living by himself off of a shoestring annuity inherited from his grandfather, Charles is a textbook case of a social recluse, as well as an unabashed pervert. Having been fired from his last job several years ago for harassment charges, Charles decided to live solely on his meagre means, and has secluded himself in his tiny one-room Electown apartment ever since. Receiving his household needs via door-to-door delivery, Charles has not left his room for the past six years.

PET Modifications: A low-grade old model imported from Yumland patched up with some epoxy bought used. Other than looking remarkably worn for a recent model, Charles' yellowish-white PET is otherwise unremarkable.