Name: Timothy Ilyich
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Timmothy Ilyich, even after everything that had happened, has not changed a lot since the incident and having a backup navi, Siren.exe, he had not really wanted to change his original outward appearance as far things had gone. Wearing a black coat with many deep pockets, a white button down work-like shirt and pants that are baggy on him even now, the ends of the legs barely hanging up off the ground on most days and a pair of boots on most days with a belt holding his pants up. He stands at around 6'1 and 185 pounds, white pasty skin, a pair of green framed glasses hanging from his ears and nose, a pair of grass green eyes behind them and a bushel full of brown hair that hang behind his head, going down towards the middle of his neck, and hanging a little above his eyes.

Personality: Timothy, after his original navi had been nearly deleted in the rogue nets, had begun to develop a more...condescending and, well, distrusting attitude towards most people. On the surface he seems to be a kind, caring, eighteen year old. But under this, his distrusting and cynical attitude take a head past anything else, despite making more selfless acts on others behalves. He has more growing to do as a working member of society, preferring to be surrounded by what seemed to be books about animals and anatomy. Towards animals, he is a lot more open and caring, but also more naive and trusting, despite knowing better.

PET Modifications: A brownish PET with a pink paw-print on the back, with the chip reader having a decal of an animal mouth on it.