Name: Joseph Sine
Age: 34
Gender: Male

Appearance: Joseph himself is a generally uninteresting individual, his body resting at around 5'2, 170 pounds and pasty white skin, Joseph is one of your typical looking teachers with little muscle mass showing upon his form. Messy light-brown hair that hangs just a little bit over his blue eyes, thick glasses adorning his face that tightly hang upon his nose, with the occasional slip from his face. His general wear consists of a brown business suit, a tie and various undergarments underneath as well as an undershirt with various implements on his person to go along with him.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Joseph is generally the type of person to blend into the background and be ignored as just "another face in the crowd" much like most people like him would, though he does have a bit of book-smarts to himself, math being a subject he taught in school not long ago, till he quit. He however gets -very- upset when he is trampled upon by others, one way or another, so much so he's willing to lash out and fight despite his lack of muscle mass and strength. He also holds very high beliefs in certain things, might wind up becoming preachy, if not flat out antagonistic against another's thoughts and beliefs, but he does have -some- ability to hold back, even if passionate about certain subjects.

PET Modifications: Besides a black/lime-green colored casing, has a mathematical, collage grade calculator installed with a hologram interface