Net Operator

Name: Norton Ramsay
Age: 55
Gender: Male


A well-aged man in his fifties, Norton Ramsay exudes a commanding presence with his height of 190cm (~6'3"). Born of Netopian blood in the arid deserts of Netfrica, Norton is known as the head chef and proprietor of the famous Netfrican restaurant, the "Meat Hacker". He is often seen dressed in his clean dark grey double-breasted chef's jacket with black trim, black pants, and well-shined leather shoes. The logo of the Meat Hacker is emblazoned above his left breast pocket, a pure white cleaver on a black background. Though age has given him a few wrinkles on his countenance and an entirely greyed head of hair, Norton's fiery grin is as good as it was in his prime. Oftentimes, despite his best efforts, he still manages to nick his face while shaving in the morning, and so he will usually show up to work with a small adhesive bandage on his jaw. His hair is slightly wild, but kept short and trimmed. An accident in his youth has replaced his left arm down from the elbow with a grey-colored robotic arm, though it is still every bit as dexterous as any human's. It is not uncommon to see Norton carrying around a sharp knife or cleaver around casually. When asked to put them away, he is normally compliant, but it is a mystery where exactly he stores them, after making them disappear with what appears to be advanced sleight of hand.


Norton has been an extremely passionate chef since his younger days of helping out in his family restaurant as a kitchen assistant, specifically towards the preparation and consumption of anything meat-related. Of course, Norton wouldn't be called an eccentric man if he was limited to only the usual fare of cattle and poultry. His restaurant being based in Netfrica, meat came from an unusually wide variety of sources, and Norton was happy to prepare them and experiment with them in his dishes as he saw fit. His zeal has led his restaurant to be one of the most sought-after eateries in Netfrica, attracting even international figures to dine at the Meat Hacker. Some say his zeal is a little too much sometimes, and there have been rumors about shady dealings regarding his suppliers.

PET Modifications:

Norton's PET is integrated into his robotic left arm, which features wireless Navi and chip transfer, as well as a tactile-feedback holographic keyboard. A large display is recessed into the arm.