Name: Trinity Browning
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Appearance: At only 5'5" with a slender build, Trinity is not exactly an imposing woman. However, she still has a lot of presence, between dressing formally for all but the most casual occasions, and a posture and bearing that leave many to wonder if she's a military woman. Well, actually, she learned it from her father, but she's perfectly capable of looking the part. Respectability is something that she learned from a young age, and it's something she tries very hard to maintain.
Her hair is dirty blonde, and kept tied in a bun in the back. Her eyes are green, and she typically wears small round glasses. Her skin is richly tanned, a result of living in one of the hottest and driest areas of Netopia for most of her life. Her typical work attire consists of a dark skirt suit and ballet flat dress shoes. She'll typically similarly dress up off-work as well, unless she's at home or just with friends.

Personality: Despite her formality and almost military bearing, Trinity is...a bit of a dork. Her passion is history, specifically military history, and it shows in her home life. She collects everything from war movies and books to old pieces from wars of the past. The focus of her interest, being of Netopia, is her own nation, but Sharo's history fascinates her as well. Although she initially wanted to join the military like her father and grandfather before, she felt she wasn't cut out for it, and instead discovered a different passion - teaching. Although, as a history teacher, she tries to give off an impression of respectability and composure, it's difficult for her to hide her enthusiasm for the subject. Her students have found that if they get her talking about something in her field outside of class periods, it's hard to get her to stop. Outside of her job, her nerd personality is even more noticeable, but she's also a friendly person who enjoys the company of others.

PET Modifications: The PET itself is protected by a case with a solid metal exterior colored a deep, rifle green. The case opens via a latch. The PET itself has no notable modifications, save for a silver color and darker metallic trim.