Name: Regina Rosenberg
Age: 26 years old.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Regina is a dark skinned woman with a modest height, modest body size and big bust size. She has light blond hair at shoulder length. She has styled it entirely combed to the back and made it fan outwards at the bottom. Regina also wears a pair of large round glasses with a black trim over her light brown eyes.
Regina's work attire is usually a short white lab coat, only reaching her hips, and a long white skirt down to her ankles. The attire below her coat depends on her mood. While she also wears this for casual wear, otherwise she'll usually pick jeans and a loose-fitting top.

Personality: Regina is a peaceful and calm person with a shy side and is employed as a teacher, so she is also good at teaching others. She teaches biology But she also has a violent and mean side that becomes completely noticeable once she drinks alcoholic beverages. She is a lightweight, but also a heavy drinker. She especially loves beer.

PET Modifications: Regina's PET is designed in the form of a flip phone with a top and bottom screen. The battlechip slot is in the bottom part. The 'flip PET' has a silver appearance all over. The top part has a projector in the back to produce a holographic image of the Navi inhabiting the PET. While the screens are smaller than a regular PET, it can be hooked to Regina's laptop in order to use the bigger screen.