Name: Ruby Knighton
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ruby has taking her last name to heart, and this is evident in how she looks. She stands at 5'9", and weighs 120 lbs. Based on the amount of metal she wears, most of that is probably muscle...
- She possesses red hair and eyes; the former is done up in a ponytail that extends nearly to her ankles. She also wears a hairband that resembles the visor on a knight's helmet.
- Ruby wears a black dress that extends halfway down the thigh, but whereas most would be content to leave it at that, she also wears a breastplate and faulds over it. Her arms are protected by spaulders (the left one being a fair amount larger than the right one) and fingerless gauntlets; the latter possess DragonMan's emblem on the back of the hand portion. She wears heeled boots, but even these are decorated with metal shin guards.
- Perhaps the accessory that raises the most eyebrows is the scabbard at her left side...but in it is only a plastic replica broadsword. Good for bonking, bad for actually doing more damage than a bump on the head. For what it's worth, she's been trained in the sword arts, so she could wield it as an actual just wouldn't yield the same results.

Personality: Ruby is highly dedicated to justice and chivalry, almost to a fault. She has the tendency to run headlong into danger without a second thought, regardless of whether she can actually be helpful or not. That said, when not focused on those two things, she can be very easily distracted, especially by cute things. She loves fencing, and will very rarely say no if anyone challenges her to a duel.

PET Modifications: A red and black Advanced PET. It's outer covering has been reinforced to make it more resilient against damage.


From a young age, Ruby Knighton was fascinated by the knights of old. She trained herself in the art of chivalry (mentally rewriting it at parts to make sense in the modern world), and became a skilled fencer. Eventually, she became a police officer, to help fight the scourges of the world, and designed a Navi that could do the same in the cyberworld. She decided to design it so that it would bring terror to the hearts of criminals, eventually choosing a draconic design to contrast with her own knight-like brand of style.

But eventually, she felt a bit choked by the red tape of her job. She quit, and after some research, decided that the GNA didn't match her views of justice, and that the NetPolice suffered both problems. She felt a new force was needed...or, in this case, perhaps an old force. One of the reasons she grew up so dedicated to justice was her grandfather, who often regaled her with tales of his old job as an Official NetBattler. The group has disbanded, but perhaps it was time to bring it back, as a force not bound to neutrality or order, but to doing good. Armed with a FreePass she'd received as a reward for aiding in the foiling of a cyberterrorist plot to blow up an occupied plane (off the clock, to boot), she decided to see if Electopia, the de facto NetBattling capital of the world, had any capable battlers that shared her views...and to get her Navi, DragonMan, to become one of those capable battlers, himself.