Name: Diana Hawkins
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Appearance: At 5'7" and 125 lbs., Diana's not going to be an outlier in any medical charts. Physically, anyway.

She keeps her attire fairly simple, wearing a white tank top with an open khaki cargo vest over it, and a pair of white sweatbands over her wrists. She also wears extremely short cutoff khaki shorts, only going an inch or two below the inseam, and white sneakers. Over the left sock is what appears to be a fairly large hunting knife inside its sheath...but if she pulled it out, she'd reveal that it's actually made out of plastic, and is about as sharp as a tire. It's mostly there for fashion.

She has light brown hair, normally tied up in a short ponytail that only goes to the top of her shoulderblades, and green eyes. Unlike most from Creamland, she's managed to work up quite the tan from years of the great outdoors.

Personality: Perhaps she's not the friendliest sort due to her upbringing, but deep down Diana is just a lonely young woman that wants to make friends. Not helping one iota with that is that she tends to come across as cold and snarky to those who don't know her. Surprisingly, despite her normal outfit and extensive knowledge of the subject, she rarely cares to discuss hunting of any kind, and it's often a great way to make her lose her temper.

PET Modifications: A hunter green Progress PET. Due to not having it for overly long, and spending most of that time on her Navi, it has no real modifications.

Diana Hawkins was doomed to lead an unordinary life from the beginning, being born to poachers. It was a lucaritive process: they killed animals that were illegal to kill, then sold their skin/fur/meat for mind numbingly large sums of cash on the black market. From an early age, she was trained in the art of the hunt, becoming an expert marksman and trapper before she could even legally drive.

But that changed one day, when her parents shot and killed a lioness on the NetFrican savannah. Alerted by a crying sound, she searched the nearby area, to find a litter of lion cubs, most likely having just been orphaned by a hunting rifle. That by itself was heartbreaking enough...until her father came by, and casually ended them one by one. When she asked why, his response was simply that while they could've sold them to a zoo, their pelts were in such demand they were worth more dead than alive. In that one moment, her entire world was completely and utterly shattered. The first chance she got, she alerted the authorities, bringing an end to the Hawkins family business in one fell swoop.

After some negotiations (and a little bribery), Diana ended up being a free woman. But there was a problem. Her entire life up to that point had been in near isolation, engaging in an illegal trade. And as a result of her deal, she was forbidden from using any sort of weaponry, so she couldn't exactly become a professional sharpshooter. Not to mention that her attitude wasn't what employers were looking for. What was she to do?

But an unlikely savior came in the form of well-known conservationalist and TV show host Horatio Wilde. Knowing all that happened, he felt some good old fashioned redemption was in order, and hired her to put her skills to work for good...on the Net, and locate suitable viruses for DNN's Virus Zoo. After all, a skilled tracker in the real world would have little trouble doing the same in the cyberworld. There was just one issue: Diana had no Navi, not having dealt in technology that required one. But having been given a second chance, she had no desire to see it wasted. For several months, she researched Navi design and programming, and created a Navi as skilled at herself at hunting and locating, which she dubbed HunterWoman. Despite her new Navi's erratic behavior, the two got along well, and begun their work.

Diana had another angle, though. The zoo only accepted viruses that lacked malicious intent to ones that didn't, were fair game, right? And they just replicated, and didn't have litters of babies, right? Then perhaps putting her old trade to work could yield some interesting results...