Name: Eleanor Wallace
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: Eleanor appears rather plain. She has an attractive figure, but it's usually hidden under dull, unremarkable clothes that are a bit on the heavy side for the weather. Typically they'll consist of a simple shirt and slacks, and a jacket, all of dark or earthen colors. She's average height for a Netopian, at 5'7", with slightly wavy light blonde hair and green eyes. She's typically not very expressive, giving little more than a light smile in most situations and not using much body language when talking to others. When something really catches her interest though, she's got quite the wicked grin.

Personality: Like her appearance, Eleanor tends to act plain. Boring, even. She's a fairly ordinary student, considerably busier with school than shenanigans, and doesn't seem to have a lot of hobbies. Hell, her reaction to Stranger's threats to kill her as soon as she gained the means if Eleanor didn't give her a place to hide was to just concede without a fight and get a spare PET for her, only stating that Stranger would owe her a favor. Pretty simple. That's the surface, though. Beneath that, Eleanor is very controlling. So long as everything's going fine, or has the potential to go fine, she's content. Otherwise, she starts to become demanding, controlling, even domineering depending on the situation and who the hapless "other guy" is. And if something interests her enough, she'll never leave it alone.

She may or may not have claimed "Don't forget, you are mine now," about Stranger while she wasn't listening.

PET Modifications: Basic PET with no external modifications. Internally, upgraded with extra (currently unused) memory.