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Name: Vincent Miles
Age: 34
Gender: Male
The first thing immediately noticeable about Vincent is his height. Born with a hyperactive pituitary gland that scaled up his body beyond all norms, Vincent stands a true giant at a whopping 7'8". His body almost looks as though someone took a picture of a normally-proportioned man, and stretched the whole photo vertically; the man is thin almost to the point of skeletal, and his limbs seem even longer than should necessarily fit his already prodigal height. Though he has little muscle to speak of, sheer force of leverage gives him a surprising amount of strength on its own. His face is long and angular, with a prominent brow shading ice-blue eyes. On his thin nose rests a pair of half-moon glasses, which combine with his naturally shadowed eyes to create a gaze far more piercing than he'd really prefer. His hair is blonde and as neatly combed-back as he can manage it, his receding hairline highlighting his broad forehead, with the sideburns already starting to grey.

Attached to Vincent's person at all times are a handsome wooden cane sized up for his height, and a complex series of leg braces worn beneath his clothes; as is the case with most giants, Vincent suffers from skeletal problems, and requires the braces to take some of the strain of holding his weight up. Every last scrap of clothing he owns, he himself sewed, both to avoid having to have everything custom-made for his size... and to facilitate his extreme penchant for steampunk.

While his home clothes are comparatively shabby, generally little more than simple slacks and T-shirts, Vincent is a man that enjoys looking good, especially when it involves his steampunk fixation. Nearly everywhere he goes, he prefers to don an anachronistic top hat, sporting a large gear with a blue-dyed feather tucked through the gaps on one side. He's sewn many an outfit over the years, but his favourite outfit, which he enjoys wearing out and sometimes even to work, consists of a painstakingly crafted navy tailcoat, overtop a dark teal vest with an inordinate number of little chains and metal doodads looping the brass buttons together. All this rests atop a simple white collared shirt and a black cravat. Navy slacks of the same cloth as his tailcoat adorn his long legs, with his feet wrapped in long leather boots that appear to have been plated with shiny brass. Completing the ensemble is a pair of gear-rimmed goggles, which can either clip onto his glasses or simply stay perched on his top hat; to the man's glee, the goggles can interface with his PET to allow him a view straight into the Net, ending his years-long despair of the goggles doing nothing.

Vincent's psyche is in a state of flux, caught somewhere between the man he wants to be, and the man he really is. The persona he envisions in his steampunk garb almost resembles a classic mad inventor; he is (or at least tries to be) loud and bombastic, unafraid of anything and anyone. He's prone to gesticulating when he gets worked up into a tizzy, which can be fairly dangerous when one considers the man's ridiculous wingspan. He is fierce to defend the honour of his fashion of choice, and will wax poetic about steampunk at the drop of a gear-spangled top hat if one gives him the chance. He is gallant and gregarious, bold and bursting with bravado...or at least, that's what he wishes he were.

In reality, Vincent is mild-mannered and gentle almost to the point of meek. Coming from a lifetime's worth of points and stares, the giant is rather shy about his height (and most things in general), and prefers that it go unspoken if possible. His speech is halted and eccentric; rather than speckle his dialogue with 'umm's and other such thought-noises, he has the strange tendency to repeat himself while he formulates his words. He can come off as bumbling, given he is somehow extremely dextrous with tasks like writing or coding, and yet a chronic butterfingers elsewhere. While he does enjoy meeting new people, he's somewhat nervous about the prospect in spite of himself. He enjoys the company of children and youth, despite an inability to father any of his own, and sees Phase almost as a surrogate daughter - their relationship is far more complex than that might suggest, but it's the best he can ever come up with in explanation.

Vincent is of mixed heritage, getting his hair and eyes from his Sharoan father, and his genteel nature from his Creamlandian mother. Raised in Netopia, he lacks the accent of either, save a touch of slang and colloquialisms from each culture. He studied up to a Master's degree at a small college in his hometown, double-majoring in real-world and virtual physics, and moved to Electopia shortly thereafter to teach high school physics; it was here that he purchased, and thereafter met the Navi that would become Phase.

PET Modifications:
Vincent's Link-II PET bears the marks of extensive and expensive customization. The whole case has been refurbished in shiny brass, with a faux-leather grip around the bottom for holding. Near the chip slot are two small, meshed gears that serve absolutely no purpose but to spin whenever the PET is processing; Vincent thought the idea genius when he came up with it, but after a great many pinched fingers, their novelty has worn quite thin.