Name: "Cap'n" Jack Canton
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Physical Description: Jack is a "sailin' man," and definitely looks the part. He's a stocky 6'0" and just a tad above of 200lbs, and thanks to his naturally pale complexion, his years of toiling in the sun didn't result in a rich bronze as it did a mixture of tan and red. His tan looks quite thorough, but no so much to give him the overall appearance of a leather saddle or boot. Also unlike those who tan for the look, his hands and feet are calloused, while his muscles are lean and strong. Unfortunately his non-work activities have resulted in a bit of a gut, but it camouflaged a noteworthy degree of overall strength and endurance. His hair is naturally brown, but the sun has bleached his hair into a somewhat disorganized dirty blonde, which coincidentally complements his pale, nearly grey eyes bracketed by prominent eyebrows. His untamed looks was completed by a surprisingly neat 5 o'clock shadow, which was usually the result of him forgetting or flat out ignoring the need to shave. While working on deck he would usually wear whatever jeans or cotton pants were the least dirty, with a wifebeater shirt or none at all. Sans shirt one could see a simple tattoo on his right shoulder, an anchor propped on its side on a family crest-like shield. The arm and crown of the anchor (the main curved part) is centered in the crest, while the straight stock rests on the outline of the crest, so the anchor looks like the letter C, to signify his family name and way of life. Now that he's been forced onto dry land, he wears whatever slacks and light-colored collared shirts he can find; the lighter material, the better. He usually wears leather docksider-style shoes sans socks, as the extra material just seems too warm and stuffy. He used to smoke like a chimney, but thanks to his family's constant pestering, he's only occasionally seen with a cigarette or pipe in his mouth.

Personality/Background: Born and raised on the shoreline, Jack learned to love the sea and the bounties it brought. Taking up the family business when his father retired due to his old age, Jack became the captain of the family's multipurpose fishing/crabbing boat: the "Widget." As the lone captain of the single-person operation, save for the Widget's on-board Navi, he became a creature of habit. While that made for a fairly uncreative lifestyle, it made him very sensitive to anything out of the ordinary; a different octave or vibration from the Widget's engine, a subtle slack in the line, or smell of the catch indicating it's at risk of spoiling. He was a man in his element, and worked well to keep his operation debt-free. That is, until a new set of regulations came into effect. Thanks to a few "clueless idiots" involved in multiple ship mishaps and sinkings, the maritime safety codes were changed. When the inspectors looked over the Widget, the previously seaworthy and profitable vessel was deemed "in violation of safety codes," and required a lengthy, costly overhaul.

Now in the red with the Widget stuck in dry dock until further notice, Jack has to make due with life back on dry land. While originally bitter and downtrodden by recent events, his family convinced him it was an opportunity to take a much needed vacation. He has a better overall attitude, but still had several challenges ahead. He even got himself a job as a seafood shop-hand, which he is more or less unenthusiastic about. He prefers interacting with *mostly* live fish, not dead fish and annoying people. As a "fish out of water," he's trying to re-acclimatize himself in this now unfamiliar environment. New, unfamiliar things often cause confusion and frustration, but he's all too eager to voice his triumph upon "mastering" the new challenge. He treats his Navi like a first mate, with a "special" kind of respect that often takes the form of very dry humor that's nearly at the point of insult. He often refers to ClampMan as "Sea-bug" or "Mister Bubbles," often just to see the Navi's reaction. He's often boisterous, and loud, which was acceptable on his own boat, but not so much here...

PET Upgrades: ClampMan's pet is a slightly faded cobalt blue with greenish-brown trim. The entire PET looks faded and and worn from exposure from the elements, as Jack often had it up on deck so he had someone to banter with while he worked. The screen became mostly unusable due to the amount of scratches and stains, but Jack's more tech-savvy brother recently replaced the screen and outfitted its case with a waterproof coating. It'll take a while before Jack can abuse it enough to warrant additional repair.