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Name: Eoghan O'Seachnasaigh [pronounced 'Owen O'Shaughnessy']
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: As though his impossible-to-spell name isn't enough, the flame-red hair and raucous accent ensures there's no mistaking that Eoghan is a through-and-through West Creamlander. Standing a fair 5'8 and weighing roundabout 180 pounds, Eoghan is a stocky young man, a tad paunchy from his deep love of food and drink, but strongly muscled from his landscaping work. His features are characteristic of his breeding: a slightly hooked nose, half-squinted bright blue eyes with the beginnings of smile lines already forming, a prominent brow, and of course the semi-long, curly red hair. His curls flow down into an extremely well-grown chinstrap beard, somewhat concealing a mouth well-shaped for laughing and smiling. Beneath his clothes, he carries a few tattoos: a bear wearing boxing gloves on his hip, a skull with a tongue and skeletal hand making an extremely rude gesture on his left bicep, and most embarrassingly (or proudly, depending on the story), a lovingly-detailed phallus with rainbow butterfly wings on his right buttock.

Eoghan's attire never seems to change whether he's on or off the clock. He seems to own an endless supply of dirt-crusted work jeans, and hand-silkscreened T-shirts courtesy of his brother; generally, the shirts will display some moldy old West Creamlandish joke, as befitting the lad's tendency to self-parody. Occasionally a pair of work gloves will turn up somewhere on his person, either on his hands as they're supposed to be, or shoved into a back pocket and forgotten about; Eoghan tends to forget about them over the course of a day. Giant, blocky work boots are the only footwear he'll permit on his feet, just like his Navi. Said Navi's PET is either kept on a belt holster when he remembers to clip said holster on, or shoved in a pocket when he doesn't.

Personality/Background: Just as his appearance is in near-perfect alignment to any given man's mental image of a West Creamlander (because hey, someone had to start the idea), Eoghan acts much the same. An enterprising young man, his boyhood was largely spent as a fairly successful child actor with his brother Derry, developing all the storytelling and acting talents of a thespian. As he matured and exited the world of film, he went straight out of high school into starting himself a landscaping business, and did well enough that four years later, he's got a loyal staff and enough big contracts to call the whole lot a moderately successful business venture. He's a boisterous, loud-mouthed youth wherever he goes, at work or at the pub, and when his big mouth gets him into trouble, he's perfectly happy to put up his dukes and have a good-natured throwdown to sort things out.

Eoghan is a consummate storyteller, always there to chime in with an anecdote from his life; the veracity of many of his stories, especially the ones about his tattoos (which tend to change with the week, the weather, and the drink of the night), are debatable at best, but he never seems to run out of grand old yarns. He's a warm-hearted soul, always happy to bolster spirits and keep the mood up in any given room. Consequently, his love of drink leads him to believe that most any problem can be sorted with a few rounds at the nearest pub, and a hot meal while he's at it. The mixture of generosity and mischief can lead to interesting results and reactions, but he owns it and always loves to play up his own culture for a laugh. How much of his personality is genuine and how much is him living up to his heritage is anyone's guess...including his!

PET Upgrades: HandyMan's PET is a heavy-duty model in forest green, reinforced seams keeping any dirt or detritus from Eoghan's work from slipping through. At HandyMan's request, the PET is hooked up to a massive playlist organized by time of day and their work schedule; at the touch of an outside button, Eoghan can garnish his life with a quiet backing soundtrack of mostly traditional Creamlandish music, whether via earbud or an external speaker.