Operator: Mikhail Norano

Type: Dance Enthusiast
Subtype: Quiet and Caring
Apparent Gender: Male
Apparent Age: 29
Home Location: Originally Sharo, now living on campus at DenTech.
Factional Alignment: None

Physical Description:

Mikhail is a well proportioned man who moves with obvious grace and balance in everything he does. There's a subtle floe and rhythm to his movements, and a fluidity that make shim appear to almost be dancing, no matter what task he is actually engaged in. This is primarily because he has been trained in classical dance from a young age and it remains one of his greatest passions. He is ever so slightly on the slender side, and his legs are long, though a part of this may be amplified by the fact that he has a tendency to move and walk raised up on the balls of his feet.

His hair is a straight, plain black, which he keeps in a short, rough cut that is just long enough for him to tie back with a small black clip, though when he does let it out it displays the urge to form broad waves. Beneath the hair, his eyes are a deep steel blue, approaching grey, and his eyebrows are quite thick. If he allowed himself to grow facial hair, it would be dense and wiry, but he keeps his face smooth, with regularly scheduled waxing sessions, as a part of his rigorous self-care practices.

Being of strong Sharo stock, he is actually quite hairy pretty much everywhere else, but most wouldn't notice it, since he tends to wear long sleeve shirts under his brown all-weather jacket, and longs straight pants.


Mikhail is a generally quiet man, who tends to be calm and contemplative by instinct. He likes to take things as they are, and look at the world as it is, and tried hard to free himself from any prejudices or judgemental inclinations before they can take hold. He tends to forgive transgressions easily, and seeks to understand why people act as they do, rather than blaming them for it. This mostly extends to transgressions against himself, though, as he has a tendency to get protective of those he cares about.

He has a particular trigger for anything he views as discriminatory bullying, stemming mostly from the sheer volume of it that he received during his schooling years for being one of the very few boys that took dance seriously. As with all things, though, he seeks first to intervene and halt it, and then calm the situation, rather than taking any side.

Though he was born and raised in the harsh colds of northern Sharo, Mikhail moved following a teaching opportunity a few years ago, and now lives as an on-campus dance instructor at DenTech.

PET Modifications:

Pirouette's PET is simple and largely unmodified, save for an enhanced sound-output system, which allows him to use it as an impromptu audio-projector, if the need for music should arrive and no other players are available. The holographic projector has also been modified to allow Pirouette to appear at full human size, provided the PET is connected to an auxiliary power supply, and move about within a space of several metres from the origin. This feature is used day to day as part of his classes, allowing him a real-time visual aide for teaching female techniques and poses. When not connected to an external power supply, her normal, miniaturised hologram is still readily available, but the navi herself truly enjoys the times when she can exist on the same scale as her operator. Elsewise, the PET is white, with silver lining and trim.