Name: Hikari Takahashi
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Appearance: A rather small woman, at a mere 5'1", with shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes, and black glasses. Her usual outfit is a dress that resembles an ancient Netopian tunic, extending down to approximately her knees, with tan sandals. Recently, she's added brass shoulderplates, with a purple cape attached that comes to her waist, as a symbol of her...promotion. There is large representation of Divina's emblem across the front of the dress; a staff firing a ray of light.
Personality: A shy, quiet woman, to the point that she sometimes needs Divina's assistance just to speak to someone. That said, Divina has influenced her to the point where, if she believes it will further the Navi's cause, there is absolutely nothing she wouldn't do to accomplish a goal. She also will not accept any flippant remarks about Divina, and will often give the offender an earful whether they like it or not.
PET Modifications: A white Link PET with gold trim and Divina's emblem. Its hologram capabilities have been expanded to allow Divina better contact with the real world.