Name: Micaella Coleman (Mi'an)
Age: 21 years old.
Gender: Female.

Appearance: Micaella is a short dark skinned girl with a modest body size. She has black messy hair coming down to just below her shoulders and covering the top half of her face. Her face is host to the following features: calm-looking light brown eyes, almost sleepy, which are a bit higher than normal eyes; full lips; a nose somewhat longer than normal; a pair of large round glasses, with black rim, sit on her nose. Most of the time she wears black make-up around her eyes and black lipstick on her lips, but very lightly.
Her outfit usually consists of a long skirt reaching her feet, a dress shirt for ladies with a ribbon or tie and comfortable heeled shoes. The chosen colors for her attire are, most of the time, shades of brown, red and/or white. Other times she'll wear a one-piece dress, but always covering her legs entirely.

Personality: Micaella is a calm girl with a quiet and soft voice. She's very polite and kind, one might say dignified. Influenced by her family and standing, she's pretty much the model of a princess. As such she goes to a private school for girls and has little experience with male interactions. This doesn't mean, however, that she's afraid of them but just doesn't know what she can and can't do. However there is one thing about men that can break her 'princess-like behavior' and that is romantic scenarios involving men or boys.

PET Modifications: Micaella's PET is designed like a pocket watch. The outside of the pocket watch has a soccer ball printed on it on each side, taking the entire size of the watch. At the bottom of the watch is a slot for the chips. At the top is the mechanism normally used to wind up the watch, but for this design it's merely a container for a cord to connect to PCs or terminals. The inside of the pocket watch has 2 screens on each side. Because of the PET's design, it doesn't come with a function to display a holographic image of the Navi. Attached to the pocket watch PET is a silver chain which Micaella usually wears around her neck.