Quote (Arch)

Name: Archibald Voldt ['Arch']
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Arch resembles, if anything, a character creator's default model, before any customisation or personality is added by the player. A Netopian everyman if ever there was one, he stands 180 cm (5'11"), weighing in at a slightly paunchy 85 kg (187 lbs). His features have the roundness of a previously-sharp jawline that has smoothed over with apathy and takeout; his voice is deep and rusty from disuse, his skin a ghastly milk-white. He stands ramrod straight, eyes forward in an omnipresent hollow stare that slides off other people like they don't exist.

To clothe himself, Arch keeps a breeding colony of button-down shirts and denim jeans somewhere in the darkness of his bedroom (he certainly never seems to run out). A bulky pair of headphones take up permanent residence over his ears, as does a leather satchel on the rare occasions he ventures outside. These occasions have only gotten rarer with the advent of door-to-door delivery couriers, allowing Arch to create a self-sustaining habitat in his apartment.


Despite being a qualified shut-in, Arch is meticulous by nature, and it shines through only in the parts of his life he cares about. A curious soul would need look no further than his shuttered apartment, eternally spotless thanks to the power of midnight recycling runs and lots of free time, and to his drafting computer and the impossible-looking architecture shining in his workroom, built from holographic wireframes like magnificent three-dimensional puzzles. He enjoys reading enough to keep a library of books in his study, ranging in flavour from case studies of non-Euclidean physics to detective novels. All of his hobbies, in fact, are alike in their solitude and their silence; even his eponymous headphones let no sound in or out.

Outside his apartment, Arch could barely be said to exist. He has no friends, nor family. He has not made eye contact with another human being in years. In the tiny interactions he has with his deliverymen, he is unfailingly caustic and rude; otherwise, he barely speaks at all. Some part of him is aware that humans are meant to be social creatures and his mentality isn't exactly healthy, but at no point has he ever taken steps to address this. The one exception was a brief interest he had in Navis, which led him to create a slew of failed created life projects that were ultimately abandoned. The cannabis he is so fond of doesn't help, keeping any introspection in a near-permanent haze. His acuity of mind remains sharp regardless; the pot just takes him away from himself, which he sees more as a bothersome machine than anything.

PET Modifications:
Arch's PET is a battered old thing that he quite literally picked up off the street one day. The original casing has obviously been removed, replaced with a reinforced titanium body that's nonetheless dented in a few places. The screen has gone dark, and the few buttons scattered around the case no longer work, including the power switch. The software within has been wholly consumed by Hex, effectively making the PET a physical extension of his body into the real world. It can interface with the PET through Egomorph to communicate with Arch, but rarely chooses to do so unless requesting data to be fed.