Name: Alexander Sloan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Description: Alexander stands at an impressive 6'4", towering over most people, and weighs about 190lbs. He has a short, dark brown "high and tight" haircut and a clean-shaven face most of the time. His face is fairly long and angular, with prominent cheek bones and a nearly squared off chin. His hazel eyes appear intense thanks to his thick dark brown eyebrows that seem to give him an aggrivated look even at rest. When on duty, he wears whatever Sharo uniform of the day is called for. When off duty, he is partial to function over form, favoring his rugged olive green parka, black wool cap, and a pair of flat black snowboarding pants. The pants have reinforced knees to prevent tearing, and cinch down tightly over his brown and black winter boots. He will occasionally utilize a black neck gaiter to cover his nose, mouth, and neck when it gets especially cold out. When the weather is more mild, he wears a simple striped or plain polo with dark blue jeans and running shoes or hiking boots. He always keeps a pair of sunglasses with him, as he hates getting caught unprepared in glaring sunlight, especially when reflected off the snow and ice.

Personality: He was raised in a military family, and it's unsurprising he himself volunteered for the service. He is very straight-laced as most people go, and even when trying to be casual he often falls back on old habits of using very polite verbal and body language. His voice is deep and distinctive, but he prefers to listen rather than talk. If he can get what he needs accomplished done without speaking at all, he'd go that route. Though very professional and somewhat stand-offish, he is generally well-liked and respected by his coworkers and friends, as he's often known as the "reliable" one. Sometimes that inadvertently drags him into the "advisor" role, when friends confide in him in work/relationship/misc issues, even when he himself doesn't want to be involved in that particular drama. He treats ResQ with respect, but finds her personality and actions to be abrasive and rude, which tests his patience at times.

PET Modifications: This standard-issue, well-used PET is simple and very rugged; instead of having additional controls and fancy touch interfaces, the majority of the PET is covered in reinforced plastic and rubber trim to protect it from vibration and impact. The PET is also water and dust proof, thanks to an airtight case complete with locking panel covers over the jack port and chip receptacle. The PET is also held together by a seemingly absurd amount of screws and fasteners, it wouldn't fall apart even if half its assembly hardware fell out. It looks identical to the other standard issue PETs, but Alexander could identify it easily from the miscellaneous scratches and nicks it's accumulated over the years.