Operator: Jenny Sutherland

Type: Bookish
Subtype: Dreamy Sigher
Apparent Gender: Female
Apparent Age: Fifteen-going-on-sixteen
Home Location: Central Netopia
Factional Alignment: None

Physical Description:

Not entirely geek, but very far from a socialite, Jenny tends to dress comfortably. At fifteen-going-on-sixteen, she's still quite conscious about how she looks, but the fact that she's still got very visible, colourful braces on have stopped her from really diving into the fashion scene too far. They're coming off soon though. Jenny is counting the days. For now though she favours plain colour tops with high necks and mid length sleeves and casual jeans. Usually she wears running shoes rather than anything fancier, and is prone to jog or run wherever she goes rather than walking, unless she's with friends. Hair, she keeps cut to just a little beyond shoulder length, and wears it in a few simple ways, depending on her mood; usually just out, though sometimes with a band or two to keep it tamed. The hair itself is a dark brown, often mistaken for black in anything less than full sun. To her chagrin, Jenny also has prescription glasses, though she doesn't need to wear them most of the time, just for reading. When they are on, they're a pair of delicate frames and thin lenses, with dark green enamel that more or less matches her eyes. When they're not on, she keeps them clipped in the front of her top. She also keeps a soft glass-cloth in the change pocket of her jeans.


Jenny comes from a family that is moderately well to do, without being wealthy, and her life has been comfortable so far. Parents that care for her, a pleasant home and the freedom to do as she wants, within limits, have created a girl that's curious and keen to learn about things, and though she hasn't truly excelled in any one area yet, most of her teachers and tutors consider her a very bright and easy to teach young lady. Despite being fairly bookish, Jenny has a tendency to talk first and think moments too late, in social situations. She has a small circle of close friends; not the "in" crowd by any means, but maintaining a comfortable middle-ground between the scene clique and the geeks, as it were.

In most situations she's open-minded and happy to help, but gets uncomfortable quickly if she finds herself out on her own or moving an opinion that goes against the majority. This means that sometimes she'll end up going along with things or agreeing with her friends, even if she personally wouldn't or is a little uncomfortable. The most embarrassing moment of her young life so far, for her, was being a part of a group presentation for her drama class that involved being seen on stage, with her other friends, in nothing but her underthings. She still grows mortified to think of it, even though it was only a small thing, in front of just their own class. Running a close second was playing spin the bottle in the backstage area beforehand, which they only did because it was tradition, and she's spent the year since convincing herself that it doesn't really count as her first proper kiss, since they were all girls.

Caving to the pressure of her friends aside, Jenny is the sort of young girl that, at fifteen (going on sixteen!), still keeps a regular diary and has dreamy fantasies of imaginary boys, which she has, more than once, been caught sighing heavily to when she ought to be working or studying. Unfortunately, she's also the sort to be struck with blushing, giggling tongue-tiedness around boys she thinks look dreamy. For now, giggling nerves, dreamy sighs and hormonal fantasies are as far as she's ever likely to get with anyone.

PET Modifications:

The PET that CourseMan came with is a fairly standard, though more or less cutting edge, model, without any fancy extras or special features. It has a pale blue gloss finish, and is sleek and slim-line in design. After Rachel was finished with her assessment she gifted CourseMan to Jenny as thanks for her input, and the PET has since gained a collection of tiny stickers, ranging from stars and moons, to kitty-faces, to love-hearts to rainbows... the standard spread.