New Guys

Becuase of my other two's "Downfall", Im gonna make new guys.

Net Op

Name: Glenn Chuushin

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Description: Glenn is pretty average. When I mearn average, I mean, out of the ordinary (Who IS average on this board?). He wears a white t-shirt and a blue hoodie overtop, so the white t-shirt sticks out of the bottom. Glenn also has long blue jeans, and black sneakers. He has partially long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Personality: Glenn is mostly a relaxed guy who can get excited pretty easily. He sleeps alot of the time, but when he is awake he is pretty energetic, so its hard to tell what is with him. He's pretty supportive of his navi, so he doesn't sleep all the time, screwing him up.

PET Mod: The colour of the PET is a light grey, nothing much.


Name: Hitokiri

Element: Sword

Gender: Male

Description: Hitokiri is a very odd navi. He wears a light grey long sleeved shirt with leather padding on the shoulders, elbows, chest, and back. He also has long black pants with leader padding on them as well. He has black disheveled hair and dark blue eyes. Hitokiri has black small shoes as well on his feet. He also has 6 sheathes around his waist.

Personality: Hitokiri looks like an evil, mean, mavolent person, but he's actually a big softie. He's really nice, kind, sweet, you name it. His personality doesn't match with his looks, so he's a really odd guy. He act's alot like he's maybe 12, maybe 14. The reason of all this is because of a programming error, hence the name meaning Human Slayer.

Custom Weapon: 6 Swords: Hitokiri has 6 swords that float around him as his weapon, and strike by him using hand movements, like simple flat palm, sometimes more for different attacks.

Signature Attack: Blade Wheel: Hitokiri makes a large wheel with his blades and spins them while making a bit of a lasso movement. He then points his hand with his palm flat out at the enemy, and launches a giant wheel made up of his 6 blades, flying through the enemy for 60 dmg, with a 3 turn cooldown.

Also, when he uses a sword type chip, he attacks with one of his many swords. And Majin said I could have my Sword chip, 2 heatshots and hp+50 that I originally got from GeckoMan to my pirate, but now passing on to this guy. Acceptable?
...Hitokiri? "Human Slayer"?

Why would a softy have that kind of name? oo;
I didn't know it meant that. But it's fine, because its suppose to be a program error. I forgot to mention it.
Get: Atk +1, Rpd+1, Chg +1, Undershirt
Get: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun

Post it where needed.