Name: Siri Lundgren
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly short at 5'5", with very light skin and a shapely, but more heavily built figure. She had brown eyes and matching brown hair, fairly short and messy but usually hidden by a hat. She typically dresses to the weather. In Sharo it's usually heavy clothes and a knee-length coat. At school in Electopia she'll dress much warmer: even in winter she'll drop the coat for lighter clothes and a sweater, and in summer she'll go all-out with a tank top and short shorts (or less if she can get away with it) and frequently carry a personal fan. She'll keep a toboggan or similar hat on in all but the hottest weather, though, simply because it keeps her from having to try and make her hair behave.

Personality: To put it bluntly, Siri is incredibly odd. Not even touching (yet) on the fact that she designed a navi for day to day use whose theme revolved around stripping, she's still the one person in a group of people who you sometimes have to wonder if she's off in her own little world. She's prone to flights of fancy, and prone to sharing them despite seeming to be aware of how ridiculous they are. She hates being forced to do things, but once she gets started she tends to finish in record time (usually even doing a thorough job) and wonder what's taking everyone else so long. She's also fond of telling stories, especially about her home. Almost all of these stories are completely made up, and most of the rest are ridiculously exaggerated. If Siri were to be believed, Sharo is a frozen hellscape full of yetis and angry bears that can eat yetis in one bite. Needless to say, she claims to have lived an interesting life before starting college.

As for her navi, all of Nakkna's stranger quirks are entirely Siri's idea, from generating weapons by removing clothes to the intricate and completely unorthodox navi emblem. It should be noted that Siri prefers the company of other women, and in that regard is a bit of a pervert. She wouldn't readily admit the latter, though it's not all that difficult to figure out.

PET Modifications: Black with silver trim. No mechanical modifications.