Rogan O'Conaill

Name: Rogan O'Conaill
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Home Location: Variable depending on his work.
Factional Alignment: None specific, and mercenary in his clientele

Physical Appearance:

Rogan O'Conaill isn't fond of his name; he does his best to disguise every memorable element of himself and remain unremarkable, and he finds most people tend to remember unusual names. His hair, short-cut and naturally a deep, blazing red, he keeps perpetually dyed a solid black, and though his skin is pale, he does his best to avoid an over-abundance of sunlight, which would bring out an army of merry freckles across his face.

He is moderately tall and solid, about six feet and fit, though none would describe him as built. Most of the time he wears a ground-length black coat with a variety of internal pockets, but little to remark it on the outside. Underneath, though his clothes change day to day, he tends to favour button-neck and collared t-shirts, in deep, cool colours, such as navy or deep forest green. He wears black suit trousers underneath, giving his overall look a smart and well-dressed casual appearance, without looking formal.

General Personality:

His desire to be unmemorable stems in large part from his career of choice: on paper, he works as a freelance photographer, but his moonlighting is how he really sustains himself. Night-times and other particular occasions see him operating as a data thief and manipulator; he works mercenary style for clients who need certain information, either to acquire, to destroy, to alter or simply to take. Possessing only a certain level of high-tech information skills, Rogan's methods are more practically grounded. He has a detailed, but narrow field of expertise in accessing and bypassing physical and on-site security to get at what he needs directly, in person.

Not overly social, he tends to speak only sufficiently enough to communicate his intent, and little more. His words are seldom terse, but equally so they are rarely warm or inviting; rather he tends to speak with a calm certainty, firm without being harsh, unless made to repeat himself.

Perhaps because he tends to be efficient and minimalistic in most aspects of his life, one thing that does irritate him tends to be wastefulness or excess, most notably of time or effort. That said, Rogan is not without his own, distinctly dry, sense of humour, and when he is in a good mood he is just as likely to deliver a vaguely humorous comment, usually with a small grin that curls one corner of his lips.

Recently, he has started paying slightly more attention to his Navi as well, and pondering its possible uses and applications, though it is quite clear from his interactions with her that he views her, as all Navis, as nothing beyond a tool; another computer program that serves a purpose.

PET Modifications:

His PET is a sleek black design, though it didn't always look that way. The original device, Navi included, was gift from a somewhat estranged brother, who meant it well enough, as a suggestion that Rogan ought to get out more and meet more people. It's outer casing was a bright pastel yellow when it was first given to him, which Rogan quickly reskinned. He has also added a minor modification to it, a small physical probe, which allows it to interface more directly and effectively with electronic door locks and security systems that might not want to be interfaced with, to facilitate his work. The probe retracts and remains hidden except when it is actively bridging his PET to a system. The thought that his brother's misguided gift is actually proving to be valuable and appreciated often brings a wry smile to his lips while he works.
The Story So Far:

Since he acquired Lyntael, Rogan has begun to take on more ambitious contracts, and one such recently brought him to the site of a small business in ACDC which, upon further investigations, turned out to be a shop front for a much larger organisation, or at the very least, one of its store fronts. This discovery piqued Rogan's curiosity to the matter, because where there are secrets being kept, there is usually money to be made. You can read about this excursion of his, Here (Real World), and also Here (Net)).

Armed with the certainty of being misled, Rogan conducted the meeting with his contact, one Varda Afonin, in a much more daring manner, and learned that there was, indeed, far more going on than he had been initially told. As much as it was made clear that he wasn't to pry further, it was just the sort of thing that Rogan has never been able to leave alone and he determined to dig deeper into the matter on his own. You can read about this negotiation, and meet Varda, Here (RW Only)).

It only took Rogan a small amount of research and digging to uncover a connection between the small business with the deep pockets, and SciLabs. With leads pointing to someone working off the books there, on projects of a surprisingly costly R&D nature, Rogan began to carefully plan how best to do some subtle searching and infiltrating into such a secure complex's systems, until a chance encounter offered him the perfect opportunity and cover story, to seek out exactly what he was looking for on the spot, while he had originally been there only to buy upgrades. Never one to turn down a dance with lady fortune, Rogan took the opportunity, and the pretty young lady, to a quiet coffee shop within the complex, and got busy. They met Here (RW), but quickly went Here (RW) so that they could be more private.

What he eventually found in his careful net diving was not only the proof of someone using SciLab's facilities with a masterfully constructed identity, but also, more importantly, information about what they were doing, and where in the complex it was being conducted. With this information in hand, Rogan now sets out to pay a more personal call to the lab in question, and see for himself just what he's waded into... and maybe to learn exactly why powerful people in Sharo are interested in it.