Name: Sofia Langley
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Visual Aid

Sofia stands at an a height of 5'6" with an average, slightly toned build of around 60 kg. Her light blonde hair is tied into twin pigtails with white ribbons; the pigtails flow down to a few inches past her shoulders. She has lightly tanned skin and clear blue eyes. Her preferred style of clothing is light; a short-sleeved blouse or sleeveless tanktop paired with a medium-length skirt usually fits her style, with cool blue and white as her main favorite colors to wear.


Usually unreserved, Sofia is fairly outgoing, and isn't afraid to talk. She is also the type to not back down from a threat, and will persevere through a lot of things most other people won't. She is somewhat independent, preferring to tackle things on her own, but isn't afraid to ask for help if need be. She does suffer somewhat from a little childish innocence, as she was quite coddled in her upbringing.

PET Modifications:

Sofia's PET appears somewhat recent, with a white main body and light brown trim. It has wireless connection capabilities, as well as the usual wired methods. Other than that, it doesn't have many significant differences from any other recent PETs.