Name: Ross Marshall
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ross is a young man of average height, standing 5'10", and just far enough away from being thin to not be considered scrawny. He is always trying to look his best, being clean and well-groomed with short, combed brown hair and almost no traces of stubble. He has light blue eyes behind small lens glasses, and a lightly tanned complexion. For outfits, Ross has a habit of always dressing up, and is almost never seen without a dress shirt/pants and tie whether he be just out and about or heading to an interview. Even during the summer, the most he will do to change this is to go for lighter, 'cooler' colors.

Personality: Most people think of Ross as a genius. He has always had perfect grades in school, was accepted into medical school with no trouble whatsoever, and has a brilliant analytical mind that lends itself well to strategic thinking as well as academics. His work ethic has made every professor he's worked with proud of him, and more than a few fellow students (or at least those who care about their education) envious. While easy enough to get along with, he tends to be uptight and very insistent on things within his control happening exactly as he wants them to. Not without reason though. When things go well, they go very well. And when they don't...well, they go very badly. Ross's downfall is that he is an extremely left-brained person, and has very little capacity for creative thinking. When something doesn't go according to plan, or goes far enough from his nice and organized knowledge of the subject to cause him trouble, he freezes up. Or worse, becomes very irritable and starts lashing out at people. The latter is especially frequent when he can find a way to blame them for what went wrong.

PET Modifications: Ross's PET is a standard model with the default blue and yellow colors and no external modifications. It does have his name engraved on the battery case, and a custom wallpaper, but otherwise looks exactly like what one would see in advertisements.