Name: Leslie Battle
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: At 5'9" and 135 lbs., Leslie doesn't seem too far off the norm...at least, not in terms of body shape or appearance, though she is more muscular than most girls her age.

Her outfit is a bit more...atypical, as it's simply a standard white karategi jacket with bicycle shorts, with sneakers for footwear, and hand wraps around her hands. She typically keeps the jacket open, despite normally having nothing underneath aside from a sports bra. When entering public places like restaurants, however, she will usually wear it properly so that no one will get on her for doing otherwise. Oddly, she typically wears the belt (black, of course) as a headband, instead of as a, well, belt.

She possesses brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair. Again, it's the clothes that are offbeat.

Personality: Leslie is, above all else, a very driven young woman. It doesn't matter what, she seeks to be the best in whatever it is she's doing. She tends to be rather blunt and honest when dealing with others, and these traits tend to give her the appearance of being simplistic. She doesn't mind, however, believing that there's nothing wrong with a girl going after what she wants, without letting anything get in her way.

PET Modifications: Surprisingly for something with as 'macho' a hobby as Leslie, she possesses a pink Progress PET with black trim. It's kept in a special casing that softens impacts, which is good whenever there's a misaimed punch.

Background: Ever since she was a little girl, Leslie was fascinated by martial arts, having been raised in a famous karate dojo in DenCity, run by her parents. When she was 10, however, her mother was killed in a car accident, and though her father continued to run the dojo, it was clear that his heart wasn't into it as it had been. Between this and her possessing an abundance of talent, within a year Leslie was the dojo's master in all but name. In recent years, her father had regained enough sense to take command again, though everyone knew that the daughter was the driving force behind the dojo's continued existence.

Several months ago, in a flash of brilliance, Leslie decided to expand the dojo into the Net. However, since both she and her father only had NormalNavis, one of them had to convert theirs into a custom Navi. Taking charge, she had hers modified into a skilled, yet easy to look at, fighter Navi, Martia. Business boomed as word spread about a pretty girl Navi teaching the art of close combat, which proved to be an extremely difficult combination for some to pass up. It has recently come to their collective attention, however, that for all of her skill, Martia's power levels were...severely lacking. To that end, they seek to traverse all areas of the Net, to practice fighting, and perhaps pick up a trick or two from foes...