Name: Mikhail Mikhailov
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hailing from the Sharo region of the world, Mikhail is fairly short and stocky for his age compared to his netnavi. Mikhail looks to be in his early twenties with his body type, his skin white as snow, having been raised mostly inside his home, though he has developed a rather strange looking handle-bar mustache. His hair is ginger in color with a slight lightness to it compared to normal. He is around 4'6 in height and weighs around 200 pounds with a keen eye for things going on around him with his aqua colored eyes with more green than blue in them. He wears the usual things a sharo native would wear regardless of weather, one being a long sleeve shirt and pair of sweatpants both in a white color. He wears flip flops usually around town and whatnot, keeping his vantage point lower to the ground.

Personality: Mikhail is generally a quiet sort around in public, rather letting his navi talk instead of him, though he has a fairly rough tone of voice with a heavy accent. He likes to take pictures of notable things in the world, be it an accident or a breath-taking view from a beach, keeping a fair amount of variety. Though he does like to pick on those he doesn't think are worth his time, he generally keeps to himself, preferring to keep people out of his way.
PET Modifications: Additional hard drive space for pictures and a bulkier casing to accommodate as well as an outer camera attached by little more than a few wires and duck tape.