Name: Marian Irvine
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Appearance: Marian comes from the northern reaches of Netopia, and it shows. At 5'9" she is of decent height, with a shapely but slightly chubby body and a large bust. Her hair and skin are both very light, with the former leaning far enough to the pale end of bleach blonde to almost be considered white. She keeps it just short of shoulder-length and messy, not bothering to do anything special with it when she's "just going to wear a hat over it anyway". Her eyes are hazel, with the slightest traces of green. For clothing, Marian dresses to the weather, and for most of her life that has meant being prepared for cold. Her preferred outfit is a simple shirt and pants under a knee-length coat, topped off with a toboggan, padded gloves, and winter boots. In warmer weather she goes for lighter clothes and less layers, but still shies away from anything too revealing or form-fitting.

Personality: Some people would be quick to claim that Marian Irvine is out of her mind. In her defense, Marian would claim that her mind is just the point of origin on a greater mental journey, so she's no stranger to leaving her mind behind but always plans to come back eventually. And there is some truth to what she says. She is a very eccentric person prone to wild ideas and bizarre logic, but she always has enough of a grounding in reality to come back when needed. She's also quite manic. She has trouble staying still, trouble reading and writing despite often wanting to, more trouble sleeping, moves around a lot, and talks a lot. Oh does she talk. Whether it's coming up with elaborate and outlandish stories to explain or excuse odd things she does, coming up with equally outlandish ideas, or just engaging in idle banter, Marian is very vocal. Her attitude sits somewhere between engaging and aggressive, with an extra helping of distracted by thoughts that run at a different speed than her words, an extra helping of colorful language, and a side of her very own brand of eccentricity. When she runs out of things to say in conversation, Marian makes up stories, usually of ridiculous events she claims she was involved in or ideas for things her navi should try. Needless to say, she claims to lead a very interesting life. Sometimes, she actually does.

Marian's energy isn't completely limitless, however, and occasionally she will burn out. And when she burns out, she completely crashes, to the point where she has trouble even sitting up, much less getting out of bed and doing anything.

PET Modifications: Marian's PET was customized to look like a small but dense book, with a snakeskin cover and a title in Yumland script. Most of the features are built into what would be the edges of pages on a normal book. The rest are inside, accessed by opening it to reveal a dual-screen interface operated by a stylus designed to look like a quill.