Name: Horatio Daniel Wilde
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Appearance: At 5'10" and 157 lbs., Horatio seems like an average Creamlander, albeit one fairly tanned. He appears to be in slightly above average shape, though he certainly doesn't seem like he could run a marathon. Truth be told, however, he could, and quite easily at that.

He sports well-trimmed light brown hair, though strands of gray can be seen here and there. The same can be said for his most notable facial feature, a rather large handlebar mustache that extends to the end of his face. Though it's no different from a regular one shapewise, he possesses a rather large nose. His eyes are light blue, and despite having a fair number of years on them, they could rival a hawk's in capability.

His clothing of choice is simple: a stereotypical khaki safari outfit, complete with pith helmet. The latter is usually not worn on the head, however, and a very loose chin strap keeps it on his back without choking him. On his shirt's pocket is his Navi's emblem, a stylized, simplified witch doctor's mask.

Oddly, there is a very large, debilitating scar on the palm of his right hand. While one would presume he acquired it somewhere in the Netfrican savannah or Yumlandian jungles, he actually acquired it far earlier in his life.

Personality: A jovial man that loves animals, both in the real and cyber worlds. He possesses a constant thirst for adventure, which has resulted in many a camera focus on him in his lifetime. His boisterousness can be offputting to some, but has a tendency to win over most.

History: The tiny, industrialized country of Creamland isn't where one would expect a famous zoological show to be produced, but it was where Horatio Wilde was born to a wealthy family. When he was young, they would often take family trips to far off places, where he became enchanted by local wildlife. At first, he desired to become a veterinarian, to take care of animals, but as a result of a car accident when he was a child, his right hand was too damaged to handle the precision needed of an animal doctor. Instead, he decided on a different path: to show the world the joys he had felt as a boy in whatever way he could.

Being extremely wealthy, his family had little trouble setting him up with a television show on DNN, Electopia's most well-known station. However, the ratings were poor, and the show was quickly cancelled. Not one to concede defeat, he campaigned to regain his show, but with a twist: he would continue to explore the animal kingdom...but his Navi would also have a similar segment on viruses. It took time, but eventually the station caved, and his new show proved a hit, as the various denizens of both worlds were showcased. To this day, 'Wilde Things' remains on the air, and Horatio still travels the world, to give the world a glimpse of the myriad of life living on it...

As of late, however, he and his Navi developed an idea. Throughout the various Nets, there existed some viruses that could be taught to be unmalicious. Not many, but they indeed existed. As a result, they assumed a new task as they filmed: to find these viruses, and place them in a special cyber sanctuary, allowing them to live their days out in peace...without their battle capabilities, of course. Recently, they have acquired financial backing in this endeavor, and are free to commence seeking their unique new goal...

PET Modifications: A Link PET in khaki monochrome. It has sophisticated GPS programming, and can take in even the weakest signals; perfect for someone frequently far away from civilization.