Name: Charles "Chuck" Greene

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance: Chuck stands at a respectable 6'1", and weighs in at around 180lbs. His black hair is still quite short, but he almost always has a pretty bad case of "bed head." His eyebrows are as dark as his hair, and do a good job bringing out the green in his eyes. His face is slightly puffy and swollen, with bandages over his right cheek, and butterfly bandages over his right eyebrow. Though he absolutely hates it, his only article of clothing is a sky blue medical gown. Both of his legs are in casts and braces, as well as his left arm. Under his gown are bandages on his left side to support several broken ribs. All in all, he's in a rather sad state, and not very mobile save for his right arm.

Personality/Background: He was a typical college student, riding his parent's gravy train and his customized Yamazuki Ronin superbike. He was on top of the world, cruising through a business degree with aspirations to either race his way to fame and fortune, or fall back on his own bike design business. He thought he had his ducks in a row, and faced the future with a confident smirk.

That is, until a run in with a city bus gave him a reality check. When the smoke cleared, he was sprawled out on the pavement with a broken femur, shin, forearm and collarbone, several ribs, and cuts all over while he slowly lost consciousness as he lay amongst the debris field that used to be his pride and joy.

He was lucky to have lived through it, but he quickly found himself stuck to the confines of his bed, and the doctors say it'll be months until he heals up enough to walk again, if at all. Unsurprisingly he was hit rather hard, and fell into depression. He didn't want to talk to anyone, and whatever they could get out of him were words of regret. He would just lay in his bed, either sleeping or just staring out the window. His friends and classmates noticed this, and tried to help shake him out of his rut; therapy takes a lot of motivation to do, and at the time he wasn't motivated to even carry a conversation.

Enter RiderMan.EXE, a gift from his roommate, designed from one of their professors and paid for by his friends. Chuck enjoyed watching Super Rider shows as a child, and of course loved bikes, so they thought a combination of both in the form of a motivated, optimistic Navi would strike a chord. It seemed to work, though Chuck was reluctant to accept the gift, he appeared to be coming back out of his shell.

PET: His PET is a newer model, with a brighter screen and a light-weight body with a black casing. Stretching vertically over the buttons off to the side of the screen is a candy apple red stripe with a silver streak down the center.