Operator Name: Stephine Magi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: This teenaged girl is Jack's kid sister and she doesn't take the same cues that Jack does in terms of clothing and fashion sense. She tends to be real basic on her clothing choice, usually a short sleeved shirt with a pattern resembling a zebra's stripes in a black and white color pattern, her paints are more brown shorts that reaches her knees, if just barely, quite loose fitting regardless.
The kid sister to Jack is a little on the chubbier side, her height being about 5'9, weighing in at about 190 pounds, a little belly bulge easily seen even under her clothes, she has a moderate bust of a C-cup despite her weight while she is more rounder than an average girl her age, a little flab here and there, rounding her out.
Her skin tone is just as white as Jack's, her eyes a blazing red color regardless of things, her face about as chubby as her belly is, she also wears braces on her teeth due to horrible maintaining of them when she was little, her usual footwear consisting of hiking boots and the like, sandals at the beach, her footwear changing from day to day regardless.

Personality: More or less, she is quiet and shy around people, having been given her navi by the scientists at Scilabs after said navi's incident. Stephine isn't afraid to speak her mind when she is passionate about something, be it computers, cars, video games and the like, she being an Otaku and being overly happy about getting something she doesn't have. She tries to keep calm under stress, trying to avoid going bonkers or hyperventilating, or the general things people do under extreme bits of stress.

PET Modifications: It's light blue in color, that's about it.