Name: Shirai Satou.
Age: 15 years old.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Satou is a healthy young boy with an Eastern skin color. His height is a little bit below the average and his weight is so as well. He has pale green eyes. His hair color is completely black and is styled in a bowlcut, a perfect line from side to side at neck height. He wears a pair of larger than average glasses with thick black rims.
He has two outfits he often wears. A uniform for school and his everyday clothes.
The school uniform consists of a closed dark gray jacket with yellow trims and red collar, cuffs and shoulder straps together with dark gray pants. He usually wears his brown shoes with this.
His everyday outfit consists of a black sweater, red shorts and a pair of regular sneakers.
Personality: Satou is out-going and active within certain boundaries. He doesn't act like he just got a gallon of sugar poured into his veins, but he's still very active. Most of the things he does are in the name of 'justice', something he's taken from the many superhero series he watches on TV. Because of him living with his Anime-loving aunt, he has taken over some of these traits. His 'heroic behavior' however can get him into trouble.
Aside from this Satou is generally an intelligent kid, being the best in his class and studying when he has to. He, however, doesn't enjoy flaunting it and prefers to just work things out without using his brains.
PET Modifications: Satou's PET is completely red with a strap on the back so he can strap it to his wrist during sports. While not specifically a PET modification, Satou's glasses are altered to work with the PET. His glasses have a thin layer that can be used as a computer screen and works with 'augmented reality' technology.