Andrew Vang
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: Andrew is an unassuming man, shorter than average at only 5'8". He is thinner than average as well, but desperately tries to hide this by wearing very baggy clothes. His light brown hair is just long enough for him to have considerable trouble keeping it under control, leading to it usually having the messy appearance of having just gotten out of bed. His eyes give a matching impression, being heavy-lidded and looking half-shut even when he is wide awake. In color, they are green, but few people would be able to pick that out from a glance. His skin, however, is not particularly pale, but is nonetheless still very light in tone despite several valiant efforts to get a decent tan.

Andrew always wears clothes a few sizes too large for him, usually consisting of baggy jeans and a black shirt featuring some nerdy catchphrase, under a navy blue hoodie, with the hood up at almost all times. He also wears glasses with liquid crystal lenses, and brown boots with soles that have almost entirely worn through.

Personality: Andrew likes to build. More specifically, he likes to rebuild. He has made a small business out of reconstructing and restoring damaged or deleted programs and navis, no questions asked. Though he calls this a business, others would call it an obsession, as when he's working he tends to forget everything else around him, and can go for two or three days at a time without sleeping or eating more than random snacks. He has a strong belief in doing good through this obsession, which he believes justifies the lengths he goes to, but his policy of taking any job no questions asked has attracted some less than above board clients. Andrew has a history of being oblivious to this, though he has recently started to catch on.

Despite looking in many ways like a nerd and a shut-in, Andrew is more than capable of being outgoing. Though he prefers to stay at home most of the time, he does not by any means shy away from social situations, or for that matter the outdoors. In fact, he prefers to be outdoors, even if that ultimately amounts to wasting hours working while sitting on a bench or under a tree. He tends to be cheerful and optimistic in demeanor, and more than a little naive for his age. When not showing off his technical knowledge, he tends to come off as rather dumb, but will occasionally show flashes of insight with uncharacteristic cynicism. Or perhaps he simply chooses to be oblivious most times.

PET Modifications: Andrew's PET is a mess of upgrades and addons. The original base PET is older than Andrew is, and rather than buy newer models as they came out he upgraded the individual parts as needed, creating something that functions like a latest model, but if not for a case and screen shield would fall apart faster than a Jenga tower.