Name: Alexis Darling.
Age: 21 years old.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Alexis is a dark skinned woman of approximately 5'5" feet and 175 lbs. She is a little on the chubby side and has rather big breasts. She has her black hair styled in a pleasantly round afro. Covering her brown eyes are a pair of round glasses with black rims. She usually wears blue denim overalls with a yellow tubetop underneath and brown boots on her feet.
Personality: Alexis is a pleasant woman; she doesn't frown often and has a smile on her face whenever she can. Her disposition to being somewhat 'larger' than other women is something running in the family, but she often exercises; she has good stamina and prefers to walk over taking the car. Alexis prefers places surrounded by flowers and will often take trips to the countryside or flower fields to relax.
Aside from these traits, Alexis is fairly normal with a good sense of humor and proper morals. She helps others who need help and isn't afraid of saying what's on her mind.
Alexis' relatives have been into flower shops since years and with her coming of age, she received her own flower shop to run at Beach Street. Her Navi, VenusMan, handles the register, while she handles the flowers for customers.
PET Modifications: Alexis' PET has a brown backside and green front. On the back is the image of a sunflower's floral head, seen from the front. The sunflower's leaves are actually yellow-colored solar panels for Alexis to charge the PET when she's not at home. Aside from these traits, it's a standard PET.