Name: Markus Scott
Age: 19
Gender: Male


A rather scruffy-looking fellow, Markus is your average college-driven young man, who's really just trying to get through life without much trouble. Rather tall at 6'2", Markus sports a fair complexion and blue eyes. Some medium-length reddish-brown hair flows back to his neck, a cowlick of sorts adorning the front. This cowlick, however, is usually covered by a brown cap he wears, a small symbol of a spirograph adorned on it. His normal everyday attire usually consists of a loose dark T-shirt and pale brown slacks. Over this, a light jacket of the same color as his slacks typically rests. White-brown sneakers complete the ensemble.


Truth be told, Markus is a pushover. He doesn't like getting himself into very social situations, and would much prefer to sit in his room, isolating himself from others. When he does talk to other people, he's easily swayed, and is pretty easily affected emotionally. He takes on a bit of confidence from managing the disaster-attracting Raki and Riki, but besides that, you could probably make him cry if you poked hard enough.

PET Modifications:

Markus' PET is somewhat recent, with a white main body and light brown trim. It has wireless connection capabilities, as well as the usual wired methods. Other than that, it doesn't have many significant differences from any other recent PET.