OP name: Mira Auberdeen

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mira is a fairly average build for a female, with a height of 5'9. The white skinned teenager keeps her golden blond hair, complete with black highlights covering 35% of it, at about shoulder length in back with her bangs hanging in front of her face down to her nose. Usually the front grouped together in 3 sections at the front, with the occasional loose strands drifting around; Her hair doesn't tend to cover her emerald green eyes much. Her taste in clothing generally sticks to a pair of jeans, a tank top and a hoodie, though it does change depending on her mood; Her emotions also tends to govern how worn out the clothes she wears are. The only real noticeable thing about her clothing sense is the black fabric hat she usually wears, with two cat ears decorating the top. Of course this does tend to change when back in her home country of Sharo, replacing the clothes with a much warmer variant, though currently traveling abroad Mira much prefers the warm climate clothing styles.

Personality: Mira's personality can switch between two modes at the drop of a hat. On one hand, Mira can be possibly the most energetic girl in the world. Her hyper tendency may lead to some unique actions or requests much to the misfortune of those around her, especially her own navi. If Mira is bored or finds something interesting, you better beware. On the other side of the spectrum however, Mira partakes in what she refers to as a "cat day". Once it's begun, the young girl goes into a complete relaxation mode where she uses as little effort as possible to get by in her day while she lounges about. Some would say it's like burning out a fuse after going full power for an extended period of time. Unless something catches her attention, Mira won't be likely seen doing anything short of sleeping and eating. Her most notable trait of course, her her love of the feline species. She simply adores cats, and even goes as far as to incorporate it into her own attire, as well as her navi's programing.

PET Modifications: N/A