Name: Ariel Fuujimoto
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ariel is a rather slender woman, weighing a mere 124 lbs. despite being 5'9".

Perhaps Ariel's most immediate feature is right atop her head; her brown hair extends all the way to just below her knees. Atop her head are a pair of flight goggles, and a headset over her left ear, which tends to be used frequently during flights. This headset contains her and ZephyrMan's emblem, a stylized view of a hurricane from above.

For body wear, she usually wears a special, nearly skintight sky blue jumpsuit, which strangely has very few pockets, save for a few that are approximately where one would find pockets in a pair of pants. She has a black vest and black fingerless gloves to add a bit of flair to her appearance, as well as a black mini-skirt that would be virtually unwearable in public if it wasn't for her jumpsuit. While not black, she also wears a pair of dark brown boots, which are surprisingly large and bulky compared to her relatively sleek clothing choices elsewhere.

Around Ariel's waist is what appears to be some kind of special belt, with various pockets and storage areas attached to it. This is where she keeps her items, including her PET.

Personality: Ariel is a friendly, outgoing person, always willing to lend a helping hand (or wing). As one might expect for a pilot, she also has a daring side to her, unafraid of risks, no matter how much they might impede others. Unfortunately, this tends to double as 'having her head in the clouds', and is prone to missing even painfully obvious things...unless she's in the cockpit of a plane, at which point absolutely nothing escapes her keen eye.

Background: From the first time she rode an airplane, Ariel loved to fly. Coming from the wealthy town of Kotobuki, her parents were able to send her on various flights throughout Electopia, all for the sheer thrill of flight. At 16, she was able to take flying lessons, and began showing signs that talent for flying could match her love of it. Upon receiving her pilot's license, her parents got her a present to commemorate it: a specially made biplane. She also received a custom NetNavi with it, designed to assist in handling it, called ZephyrMan. With their mutual love of flying, the two became fast friends.

Over the years, Ariel has continued to acquire skill in the art of aerial travel, and now professionally flies for a DenTech area tourism plane compant. While she enjoys it, her true passion remains in the biplane, her hair flapping in the wind as she explores the world above...

PET Modifications: Her PET is sky blue, with a few clouds to break up the monotony. It possesses a detailed GPS system, allowing her to know her exact location, regardless of altitude.