Operator Name: Mike
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: In his early 20's, Mike is about 5'8 in height and is a little round in the belly with being around 200 pounds, but otherwise he's a bit bulky. Mike is a very pasty white from being inside quite a lot while he has piercing green eyes and short hair that barely reaches down to his forehead and is jet black in color. His usual attire includes a pair of sweat pants and a short sleeve shirt with a pair of boots that are a little loose (that have the bottom of the pant legs tucked into them) along with a thin jacket in breezy places, pockets pretty much covering the coat.

Personality: Calm and cool headed, Mike is generally calm in most situations even if he is a little paranoid on the various aspects of the net, the two factions and life in general, but he doesn't let that consume him. Not too keen on meeting people in the flesh, he tends to talk on message boards, mail, pretty much anything that doesn't involve face-to-face chatting and the use of an anonymous username and the like. However, one thing hasn't changed about him (since the transition to RERN), he's a major chip hoarder and enjoys getting new chips when he can and can very possessive of what he has if it isn't a long range or breaking chip.

PET Modifications: Nothing has really been modded except the casing is a stunning sliver-white color (not metallic-y paint thankfully) And the wiring and programing have been altered enough to prevent Navi to Navi interactions.