Name: John Montagliati
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Description: John is a very tall individual at 6'6", but a scant 190lbs. He has light brown/dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and has fairly pale skin with very few freckles. His hands and feet are rather large, and has a prominent jawbone. His wardrobe is rather varied, for a good reason, but he normally wears baggy blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket as dark as his size 16 shoes. He doesn't wear glasses or contacts, in fact he has 20/10 vision.
Personality: John is an average college student, bright-eyed, open minded, and curious. He's fairly extroverted and willing to start conversations with others, even in the midst of virus busting. However, he is truly fascinated by the abnormal; not so much alien or completely foreign, rather something simply outside of the norm. This is one of the reasons why he became so interested in KaijuMan, who he found in a park near his house. "Kai's" almost anarchic behavior is genuinely interesting to him, and wants to see how his Navi will develop.
PET Upgrades: The PET wasn't originally his, he found it along with KaijuMan. it has a green and gray color scheme with his emblem printed on the side. It has different buttons and switches, which have no function other than to look impressive, like a movie prop.