Name: Letitia Arnheim.
Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Letitia is a modest looking girl who, while not overweight, looks rather chubby with a modest bust for her age. She has an average height that suits her age. She has a white skin color and has dark purple eyes which are covered by large glasses with a black rim. Her black long hair has a wavy pattern with long bangs in the same wavy pattern.
Her favourite attire consists of a red turtleneck sweater and black jeans. Letitia pretty much dresses in whatever she feels like at that moment ranging from dark and gloomy to summer and refreshing, but there are things she'd prefer not to wear like skirts or very revealing tops. But no matter what she wears, she will always have a light brown backpack assorted with various 'scary' designs on her back, which usually contains food, books and Navi-required goods.
Personality: Letitia is generally kind to all she meets although she's often shy and lacks confidence in most things she does. She has an average sense of humor, but there are moments she won't laugh at jokes when she doesn't know if it's polite to laugh at it. Letitia is an avid book reader and has a lot of knowledge due to them, but has trouble with applying that knowledge in real life situations because of her insecurity and thinking that she 'already knows about it'. Besides her love for books, Letitia has a strong love for anything scary, occult, ghosts and demons, having read many books involving these things. As such she is not scared often, but instead grows more interested in such situations.
PET Modifications: Letitia has a standard issue PET with a light brown and black color scheme. With it she always carries an external hard disk which is shaped like a book. It can still be opened as if it was a book, but there'd only be one thick page. The top of this 'page' is a holographic projector which allows the book to create a holographic environment specifically for the Navi to interact with, including things like a little home or a play terrain. The book's cover is light brown with thick black letters along its spine saying 'Letitia Arnheim' with a USB port right above the name along its spine.