Arch and Arbalest.exe


Name: Arch

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Head - Upper - Short hair
Middle - Sunglasses
Lower - Ciggrate, Red Scarf on his neck

Upper Body - White Shirt with '| | |' stripe

Right Hand - Black Gloves that didn't cover his finger

Left Hand - Gloves attached to an apple with arrow in the middle at his backhand

Lower Body - Red trousers
- Dark shoes

Height - 179cm


- Loves peace
- Smokes a lot
- Dislikes person that talks without thinking twice
- Gives full concentration when operating Arbalest.exe
- Eventhough he don't like violence but when he act one, he really become wild...
- Open minded, ready to listen anything that anyone said...if anyone said something positive, he will remembers it and if anyone said something negative, he'll take it as a lesson and tries to turn the negative thing into positive....


Name: Arbalest.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Sub-type: Cursor

Appearence: Humanoid navi

Head - Upper - Cap
- Middle - Elf ear
- Lower - n/a

Upper Body - Normal green shirt
- Arrow's case at the back (each time he used charged shot, an arrow will dissapear[yes, this is only fluff...didn't effect the real fight])

Right Hand - Normal
- Turns into a bow when fighting

Left Hand - Normal
- Hold an arrow sometimes

Lower Body - Green shorts
- Black boots


- Kind, but sometimes he rebels
- Only do good things on when he really wanted to
- Talks to much when he's bored
- Always listen to Arch eventhough he argued with him several times
- Willing to do anything even the task is really dangerous, he think that doing stuff like that can make him become stronger
- Didn't care too much about winning or losing, as long as he gain experience

Custom Weapon: Crossbow buster (basically it's just a bow)
- Buster shot from his bow for normal attack
- Arrow shot from his bow for charged shot

Signature Attack:

1.00 > Double Arrow - Shots two arrows from his crossbow buster, each arrow does 30 damage. Three turns of cooldown.
Any legacy items?
ermm...i'll take HP mem and sig atk voucher, but.....

Quote ()

Vouchers for a level 2 signature attack and a level 1.5 signature attack, assuming you had both to begin with

in the past, I only bought level 2 sig exp and level 3 sig exp....the 1.5 sig atk was available after I bought level 3 sig exp so, does this means I cannot have sig-atk voucher or I only get level 2 signature attack voucher....
It means you'd only get the lvl 2. That okay with you?

Legacy items: 2 HPmem, lvl2 sigatk voucher
Well, I guess everything is in order then.

Get: Atk +1, Rpd+1, Chg +1, Undershirt
Get: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun

Post it where needed.