Name: Dawn Guerrero
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dawn is a beautiful woman from the Netopia-Whazzap border, 5'8" in height, but a mere 120 lbs.

Dawn's hair is jet black, and extends to the tops of her shoulders, with no adornments save for a pair of sunglasses she keeps up there. Her eyes are a gentle dark brown.

Despite being extremely rich, her choice of clothes is surprisingly simple; a short sleeved black dress that extends down to the knee, with a slit on the left side that extends up to the hip. While the neck line is rather conservative, the dress itself is fairly tight, showing off her slim figure, and...rather ample chest.

As a reference to her family, Dawn also wears a chartreuse shawl that features her family's logo; conveniently, it's the same as SharpMan's emblem. After all, a little black dress would be odd in public if she didn't wear something to go with it. Luckily for her, her figure ensures that this usually isn't the case, even if she accidentally leaves her shawl at home. Completing her outfit is a pair of low heeled dress shoes.

Personality: At first glance, Dawn is a rather laid back individual. And that's...mostly true. Even in business matters, she prefers to sit back and watch the cards fall as they may. Or at least, such is the impression she gives; she's unafraid to pull strings behind the scenes as needed. She greatly enjoys sitting back and relaxing, much to her new Navi's chagrin. However, upon acquiring SharpMan, she decided to take NetBattling a bit more seriously. Relatively speaking, anyway.

PET Modifications: It's a metallic gray color. No other obvious modifications have been made.

History of Dawn and SharpMan
For generations, the Guerrero family functioned as a band of assassins and mercenaries. They fought with few peers, able to eliminate any target, or complete any task given to them. The advent of the Net did nothing but add a new dimension to their skill set, and their Navis thrived in the cyberworld as their operators did in the real world. Around 35 years ago, a new generation of Guerreros were born; twins Hector and Dawn.

Hector fit into the mercenary lifestyle like a glove, but Dawn proved to be a rarity; she had neither any talent for killing, nor any desire to do so. While reluctant, her parents allowed her to attend business school instead, becoming the first member of the family in over 100 years to seek a more 'normal' profession.

After graduating, Dawn became fascinated by NetBattling; she herself was terrible at it, but she saw an opportunity. As a result, she and a few friends from college formed the Personal Applications for Navi Technology Industries, a company dedicated to improving Navi technology. Unfortunately, no one caught the acronym until 3 months after the business opened, at which point everyone decided to just roll with it.

At first, it didn't seem to do well, despite the overall quality of its products. A few years later, however, its popularity exploded for no apparent reason. Some speculated that Dawn's family ties to the underworld might be responsible for this sudden boost, yet no one dared take it farther than disorganized whispers, in fear that it was true; no one enjoys 'randomly' 'disappearing'. Regardless of why, the company began to flourish throughout Netopia, and after several more years, expanded into YumLand, and even into the rural nation of Whazzap.

At around the same time, a Navi became well known in some underground circles. One with allegedly unparalleled power and precision in the art of swordplay. The name...SharpMan. And why wouldn't he be skilled? His operator was none other than Hector Guerrero, skilled in all forms of ending life. However, perhaps because of his Navi's incredible skills, he began to receive more and more contracts to acquire rare chips, a highly profitable task considered more difficult than regular Navi deletion. As a result, he had one of the greatest chip order businesses in all of southern Netopia. Over time, a rivalry formed between Hector and another man with a similar business, and their Navis became well-known in the area for their constant clashes over various opportunities. However, thanks to family connections throughout the criminal world, SharpMan seemed to emerge victorious more often than not, a fact that, though frequently whispered, was never proven; as with Dawn, no one was stupid enough to confront Hector on the matter.

In recent days, Dawn has begun to look into PANTI expansion into the very heart of technology, Electopia. Soon after arriving in the island nation, however, something strange happened; after waking one morning, her regular Navi had been switched for none other than her brother's Navi, SharpMan. A note from Hector informed her to take care of him, as he lied low for a while. Despite the complete and utter lack of details, Dawn decided to comply, noting that since he was created with some Navi parts from her own company, he could be a great asset in showing their potential. Plus, it would finally allow her to partake in the very NetBattling that she profited from, yet never did...