Name: Amanda
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Appearance: Amanda is fairly average in all respects, bust, height and the like as her last chechup would indicate she's about 5 feet in height and 104 pounds of fat and muscle although she's fairly slinder. With her long blond hair reaching down towards her shoulders and baby blue eyes, not to mention her long eye lashes, she's quite a looker should you overlook the healing scar above her eye. What she wears is dependant on her mood, but she tends to go with a short sleeve T-shirt and a pair of denem jeans with a small figurine hanging from the side on a keychain and wearing a pair of hard leather boots.

Personality: Amanda's fairly calm on a normal basis, taking life one step at a time as she goes about her day with a soft spot in her heart for small and furry animals. Being as she is, she's kind hearted, not very prone to getting angry on a normal basis, though her temper tends to flare if she's seen as someone else, by mistake or on purpose. All in all, however, she's a bleeding heart girl who would be willing to go out of her way to help someone should they get in trouble, friends espesually.

PET Modifications: The PET is an older model with parts of it's original case being cracked in various places and having tons of extra moding done to make it compatable with newer jack in ports. The screen is a little scratched up, but otherwise in good condition as the original gold and black paint is peeling or flaking off, showing the original color, white, of the PET it's self.