Name: Ellen Llewellyn
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ellen stands about 5'8", sporting a smooth, fair-toned complexion and a slender, reasonably well-endowed figure, as well as dark blue eyes and dark brown (essentially black) hair that falls to the middle of her back. She tends to wear dark clothes, those being all she owns, with a typical outfit consisting of black tight-fitting pants and a black jacket over an also tight-fitting short-sleeve navy blue shirt. Rather than tennis shoes she favors thick snow boots, a habit she kept from growing up in Sharo. Strangely, she tends to go without the jacket when outside for extended periods but almost always wears it indoors and never switches to anything heavier in the winter, citing that "even when it's cold Netopia is too damn hot".

Personality: Being a college student and having a tendency to get teased by Rachna, Ellen usually acts just a little stressed out. She tends to be on edge, though rarely to the point of snapping at people. Rather, she tries to act friendly, but has a tendency to talk fast and come off to other people as weird or "hiding something", especially when trying to be funny (which she's bad at). Despite this, she manages to maintain a good mood most of the time, or at least until Rachna opens her mouth, at which point she becomes irritable and generally negative. Even when in a good mood, however, Ellen always manages to find time to complain about Netopia, especially about how much hotter than Sharo it is.

PET Modifications: Black, with silver magic circle patterns on the surface.