Name: Scarlet Allison Krysarch
Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture by Von Dare

At a mature age of 22, Scarlet Krysarch stands proudly at 175 centimetres. Born of pure Yumlandian blood, Scarlet is a scion of the well-to-do Krysarch family, which governs the Whitesoil province in Yumland. Her skin is a healthy pink, and her sparkling greenish-blue eyes mark her Krysarch ancestry. Her platinum-blonde hair flows to half her back, well-kept in its long and smooth form. Her face often exudes a kind of softness by itself, even when she puts on an angry face, which betrays her usually powerful tones.

Her figure is quite controlled and slim despite her voracious appetite; her demanding metabolism makes up for it. Not too unpleasant to look at, Scarlet's endowment is not left out as well, being in the above-average category. As for Scarlet's attire, she usually wears a simple white short-sleeved blouse, a fiery red jacket, and a red skirt with white edges. She wears ankle-length white socks to go with her sensible black shoes.


Despite her soft-looking face, Scarlet can be known to be a bit blunt with people, to put it kindly. Others might say she's harsh or just to-the-point; some haters even label her as downright demonic. Behind the harsh words, though, Scarlet is not unkind, and is capable of softer tones, however scarcely she uses them. She has no trouble mingling with 'lower' society, as her peers call it, though she has no closeness, simply acquaintance and a sense of silent humility. Not having any siblings except an often-away older brother, Scarlet does get a bit lonely at home, and often immerses herself in learning about technology to relieve her depression. As an operator, she's quick to the chase and always manages to remain collected. She's quite close to Terra, her Navi, because of the years she had spent on working on the Navi on the sidelines in secret.

PET Modifications:

Scarlet's PET is a beta-phase experimental model, which her father bought off an anonymous Sci-Lab researcher some months before Terra's final conception. Originally, it housed her father's Navi, a nondescript mass-production model, but it has been passed down to Scarlet after the Navi was deleted in an unstated incident. The model consists of three parts. The actual PET itself, which is red with white trim, a small red watch on Scarlet's left hand, and a metallic bracelet on her right hand.

The watch serves not only to tell time, but also projects the PET's screens in conjunction with the bracelet. Both are connected to a small part of her peripheral nervous, allowing touch feedback. The projection capability of this model is amplified far beyond any previous of its kind as well as reduced in power consumption, allowing full life-size models of Navis to be projected side-by-side with heavy processing tasks.

A specialized chip utilization system allows Scarlet to instantly pick and choose her chips from a menu instead of physically slotting them in. This is made possible by fitting the chips into a special chip storage device, which transmits its contents to the PET wirelessly. However, she does still need to carry it within a certain distance of the PET, and the wireless folder is only capable of sending out six chips in a single instance, due to the high transfer demands imposed by wireless chip transmission.