Name: Harke Saren Ezarith
Age: 17
Gender: Male


Seventeen-year-old Harke Ezarith stands at an slightly average 180 centimetres. He's slightly underweight, hardly tipping the scales at sixty kilograms, but he doesn't look like it, his rosy face looking quite healthy. Black eyes dominate the rather small face, with a sharp nose. His black hair is smooth and matted, hardly ever brushed properly. He usually just pulls it back with his fingers whenever it gets rebelliously spiky and tries to obscure his eyes.

Attire for Harke is quite simple. His favorite wear are a sky-blue T-shirt, short-sleeved, worn over his admittedly skinny frame, and a black denim jacket over this, unless a heatwave strikes in the middle of summer. Over the right breast of the jacket, the Ezarith family emblem is present; the emblem is a single blue gem surrounded by five others on a black circular background. For his legs, Harke prefers black slacks, loose, as he hates tight clothing. He doesn't have a PET holster, as he usually just stuffs it into his spacious pockets. His feet are clad in simple leather slippers. A couple of never-used glasses sit on top of his hair, acting merely decorative.


A modest person, Harke is usually pretty outgoing towards people, always seeking new companions. He's very inquisitive, but usually doesn't dare to ask questions. He usually simply tries to figure anything he's curious about himself. He's also pretty carefree, not really having much troubles on his shoulders at any one time, often simply tinkering around with random things he found from his father's work. As a kind person, he also likes to help people, especially if it involves his knowledge of technology. As an operator, Harke is a decisive strategist, like his Navi, and takes turns with Eternalis to calculate battle plans. However, around females, he has a tendency to become very, very awkward.

PET Modifications:

Harke's PET is a simple black-colored model with light blue trim, a fairly insignificant LinkPET model. On the back of the PET, the Ezarith emblem is embedded into a recess, with his name around the bottom of it, and a serial number from the original manufacturer at the bottom, along with a phone number for lost item recovery. Some upgrades were installed over time, from Harke's father's work, modifications here and there. They are mostly internal, such as improved unidirectional sound, better holograph processor and a custom navigation and analysis system. A slide-out QWERTY keyboard is also included.