Name: Christopher Jetto
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands at around 6'0", with an average, but lean, build.
-Hair Color: Light Brown
-Eye Color: Blue
-Skin Shade: Light
-Other things: Has fairly large eyes, but nothing overly atypical
-Head: None, but he has a beard and mustache combo.
-Upper Body: A red shirt, with a black vest over it.
-Lower Body: A pair of blue jeans, neither tight nor particually loose. Also wears a pair of gray tennis shoes.
Personality: Christopher's defining trait is his even-temperedness; regardless of the situation, he rarely so much as raises his voice. This gives him a sort of air of confidence and wisdom, as he's almost never seen frightened or surprised, even if he actually is. He's also rather kind, especially to his children.
PET Modifications: Red with gray trim.
History Highlights:
-Born and raised in southern Netopia.
-Did not graduate from high school, instead choosing to serve in the Netopian Net Corps.
-Upon deletion of his NormalNavi during a difficult mission a couple of years later, created FlareMan as a battle capable Navi. However, due to an oversight in the AI programming, he lacks the ability to fully comprehend emotions.
-At 24, left the Net Corps, soon marrying a young woman by the name of Josephine. They soon had two children, Brandon and Sabrina.
-Began a chip order service to earn some extra cash. It proved to be so successful, in part since the strength of his Navi allowed him to get chips few others could obtain, he made it a full-time business.
-Around 3 months ago, suddenly closed his business. The reasons for this are yet unknown to anyone but himself and his Navi. However, he secretly sold many of FlareMan's upgrades and Battlechips at around that time, allowing his family to live comfortably for quite some time.
-Upon the sudden disappearance of Brandon soon afterwards, trained Sabrina in the art of NetBattles. After some time away, had her return home to test her abilities.