New Navi

Okay. Im back in. And time to reeeemake! <Remake dance>

Net Op

Name: Sodapop Jones (Yes. Sodapop. Also Soda for short.)

Gender: Male
Age: 15

Description: Sodapop is an extremely handsome guy. He has wheat gold slick backed hair wich SHINES in the sun (Literally shines). He also wears a red worn out baggy t-shirt with a few tiny holes that looked like they were poked out by a pin. He also has dark blue baggy jeans, wich are worn out at the knees. He has black and white sneakers, with a red rim around the top (Kids these days). He has a really young face, probably because he IS young. He has bright blue eyes and sometimes wears fingerless black leather gloves. Sodapop also is accompanied by his trusty black leather jacket to make him as perfect as he should be.

Personality: Sodapop mostly is kind and nice, but a bit, you might say, rowdy. He can go from a sweet, caring kid to a rough, tough, mean punk. Wich is to say, dont get him going.

PET Mod: His PET is pretty simple, run of the mill, except the colour is maroon with golden edges, and has little headphones to listen to music (Which EVERYBODY has.)


Name: Marshanks

Description: Marshanks is kinda your typical pirate. He is strong, but a bit slim. He has a small black pirate hat that is a bit worn out and some pirate garbs. Not the captain kind, but more buccaneer kind. He also has a large belt with 3 bottles of rum and a large musket, and a long sabre and many other gadgets. He also has a small goatee/beard. His hair is all messy and dirty and black. Marshanks also doesnt ALWAYS have a hat on, its just optional.

Personality: Whats there to say? He's a pirate! Pillage and steal be his job! Well, not exactly. He is actually a bit of a classy pirate, He has the get-up, weapons, but he doesnt act much like as pirate. He more kinda acts just like a navi should. Alot like Sodapops personality. Nice, kind, Gets rowdy. Simple.

Element: Fire/Break

Custom Weapon: His sabre, The Avenger, wich has a golden handle with a golden flame design rising up through the blade, and his musket, ordinary and not special.

Sig Attack: Drunk Avenger: Marshanks takes 3 swigs of beer from his bottles, taking one down in a gulp each. After drinking them, he becomes incredibly drunk and dashes at the enemy, moving his limbs really carelessly. Marshank reaches the enemy and begins to swing his sword in his drunken state, actually doing incredibly good and making incredibly precise slashes with skillful speed. He finishes slicing around again, wipers his mouth, lets out a huge belch and puts his sword away. Though, it takes 3 turns for his beer to refill.

Overview: 60dmg to one enemy, 3 turn cooldown.

I also would like to take back two heatshots, a sword and my hp+50.
Can't have both of those weapons.
You're a Mod. Of course you can.

He needs to specify, if that's what he means.
But what if he meant that the sabre was used for his sword chip.
And the musket for his normal and gun chips?

((Can I post here?))
Oh okay.
Erm, Its just that, It only counts as one weapon. I mean, Valis has two, and.. Yeah. Also yes, Woog, they count as chips as well.
... Don't abuse the weapons, and we'll see how it turns out.

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Approved. Post where needed.
Wait a minute. Is the Operator a ripoff of Sodapop Patrick Curtis?
His middle name was Patrick?
... Wiki it, Wooga.

Kuja, respond please.