Appearance: she wears a usual zoo keeper's outfit as it consists of brown khaki shorts and a tight, open button, shirt that is grey in color and made with denem. She has long black hair that reaches down to her sholders but Kedamono likes to keep it in a bun when it gets windy outside and a she has pale skin despite being outside a lot though it's nearly flawless with a few freckles on her face grouped around her left cheek as she has green eyes too and a skinny body all around with a fairly small chest. When she's not working, she's got a large chip carrying case attached to her hip with several folders in of it's self, though the usual 30 chip limit still applies.
Personality: She can be quite timid around people, even those who are younger than her, but she has a kind and careing heart for animals, and knows what to do when things arise, though she's always looking for people to be around with, she can't always be around them and tends to stumble around with her words when she is around new people.
PET Modifications: The PET is colored completely black with a small stripe of grey running through the middle of it.