Name: Rei Tylien

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: Rei is a moderately built specimen, 5'11 with dark green eyes and crimson hair with it's length down to his jawline. Rei wears a black jacket, sleeves rolled back to his elbows, usually only done up half way and beneath it he wears a dark red t-shirt. His pants are a pair of black jeans, and are somewhat tucked in to his black leather boots. in addition, Rei also wears a pair of Crimson fingerless gloves on each hand, as well as a black hat pulled down slightly and keeping his hair to the sides.

Personality: Rei is usually a calm and collected person, fairly active and loves to have fun anyway he can. though he enjoys the company of others, he hates being within a large crowd, and tends to shy away from large groups. Rei is also naturally suspicious and somewhat paranoid, making him a bit more cautious in situations and around other people, though once someone manages to get past that he is quite loyal and trusting as he believes he wouldn't make an error in judgment.

PET Modifications: it's color scheme is a light purple, with a flame like pattern to it. A strap comes down from the handle, attached to a small and circular bell, similar to one that would be used to ward off spirits in superstitions.