Sometimes, you get bored or tired of your existing characters. You want something new and fresh. You want to start over. There are several options available: Shelving, Rebirth, and Simultaneous Pairs.

RPing Multiple Navi/Op Teams Simultaneously

You may RP multiple teams of characters simultaneously after meeting the following milestones:


Total navi levels of 5 or higher = 2 pairs simultaneous
Total navi levels of 20 or higher = 3 pairs simultaneous
Total navi levels of 45 or higher = 4 pairs simultaneous
Total navi levels of 80 or higher = 5 pairs simultaneous

"Total navi levels" for this purpose is the addition of the level of all of your navis, shelved or active.

Please keep the information of both characters clearly displayed inside your signature for easy reference, preferably with spoiler tags. Remember that the collected zenny and bugfrag amounts must be displayed outside the tab. You may take navis out of shelving to use them as simultaneous navis or simply create new ones once these milestones are met using the New Users registration forum.

Your new character groups are entirely separate, and should not interact. However, some sort of minor interaction may be accepted, in certain cases.

Shelving Rules

Shelving is the act of putting a character pair on hiatus. They simply go away for awhile, and you can later swap the pair on the shelf with your active pair. Shelving has the advantage of allowing you to try new characters without worrying about your existing ones.

You must register for a shelf. Once you are approved, copy the information out of your signature, code and all, and post it in your Navi's profile. You can save the info elsewhere if you like, but what sits in your Navi's profile is the official record of what your Navi had before he/she was shelved. The Shelving Registration section may be found here.

Once your characters are shelved, they will remain preserved exactly as they were when you left them. You may then start over with new characters, and when you want your old characters back, you may have them, in the same exact condition that they were in before. However, none of either pair's possessions or upgrades can be transferred to your other characters, no matter what. The two character groups are entirely separate, and may not interact in any way.

Due to rule changes as of 6/23/2014, there is no maximum limit of shelved navis allowed for a player. While the number of possible shelved characters is infinite, the number of teams in play remains limited by the total level milestones. To prevent excessive or abusive frequency of shelf-swapping, players should wait a reasonable duration between requests to exchange shelved pairs. Staff reserve the right to decline registrations or shelving requests which are deemed unreasonable or abusive, either in number or frequency.

Quote (Important)

When you shelve a navi/operator pair, they are frozen in time, and this includes all currently active threads that they were a part of. No further progress can be made. That means that no further threads can be made with that pair (including emails), no one can continue to post in those threads, and no moderators can mod those threads until the shelved pair is unshelved. In the case of shop threads, anyone else besides the shelved pair can still post and be modded, but the shelved pair cannot. The only exception to this rule is during a special event (such as the Christmas chip trade event) and trade threads. A shelved pair can participate in those kinds of events, and can participate in trading threads.

Rebirth Rules
Rebirth is the act of completely deleting an existing character pair, and using some of the acquired upgrades and chips on the new pair, rather than starting totally over.

Things that can transfer to a new pair: (Note that you must provide an in character reason your new pair has these items.) You do not have to transfer everything, you can pick and choose.

  • Process Upgrades. Signature Attacks need to be re-registered, however.

  • Battlechips.

  • NaviCust Parts.

  • HPMemories.

  • NaviCust Expansions.

  • Subchips.

  • Zenny.
Things that you cannot transfer over:

  • Crosses.

  • Support Programs.

  • BeastOUTs
Note that if you opt to transfer Battlechips or NaviCust Parts, you are also opting out of the Starter Pack of those items.