E-Mail Rules

  • Each player receives one topic in the E-mail Forum.

  • This topic is their Inbox.

  • The following format should be adhered to when creating your Inbox: Title: (name)@(something).com Description: Which network it is hosted on (No UnderNet/NetSquare)

  • If you want to email someone, just make a new post in their topic. To reply to someone emailing you, quote the text and write the reply in the same inbox.

Homepage Rules
Homepage Post Format
Topic Title: (Your Name)'s Homepage
Topic Description: [Private or Public] [Network hosted on] (No UnderNet/NetSquare)

First Post: Describe your homepage in as much or little detail as you want.
Second/Third/Etc. Post(s) (optional): Make a handy "Journal" of the beginning of different events on your homepage, make a post for tracking your upgrades or other player info, make a post just for back story editing, etc.

BBS Rules

Normal posting rules apply on all BBS. You can post in the first person, in character, as both your Operator and your Navi, but please keep it all in a single post, and 'sign' your posts with the characters names, so that people know who they are talking to in the BBS.